x86 Instruction Set Reference


Logical Exclusive OR

Opcode Mnemonic Description
34 ib XOR AL,imm8 AL XOR imm8.
35 iw XOR AX,imm16 AX XOR imm16.
35 id XOR EAX,imm32 EAX XOR imm32.
80 /6 ib XOR r/m8,imm8 r/m8 XOR imm8.
81 /6 iw XOR r/m16,imm16 r/m16 XOR imm16.
81 /6 id XOR r/m32,imm32 r/m32 XOR imm32.
83 /6 ib XOR r/m16,imm8 r/m16 XOR imm8 (sign-extended).
83 /6 ib XOR r/m32,imm8 r/m32 XOR imm8 (sign-extended).
30 /r XOR r/m8,r8 r/m8 XOR r8.
31 /r XOR r/m16,r16 r/m16 XOR r16.
31 /r XOR r/m32,r32 r/m32 XOR r32.
32 /r XOR r8,r/m8 r8 XOR r/m8.
33 /r XOR r16,r/m16 r16 XOR r/m16.
33 /r XOR r32,r/m32 r32 XOR r/m32.

Performs a bitwise exclusive OR (XOR) operation on the destination (first) and source (second) operands and stores the result in the destination operand location. The source operand can be an immediate, a register, or a memory location; the destination operand can be a register or a memory location. (However, two memory operands cannot be used in one instruction.) Each bit of the result is 1 if the corresponding bits of the operands are different; each bit is 0 if the corresponding bits are the same.

This instruction can be used with a LOCK prefix to allow the instruction to be executed atomically.

Destination = Destination ^ Source;
Flags affected

The OF and CF flags are cleared; the SF, ZF, and PF flags are set according to the result. The state of the AF flag is undefined.

Instruction Latency Throughput Execution Unit