Sergey Bilovytskyy Research Labs

Assembling the Site #

Currently, I am working on developing a much more drawn out material relating to Assembly language development. This includes adding more links as I come across them on top of worked examples. In the worked examples, I want to talk a bit about the logic behind the optimizations in the instructions, which makes it easier to move the same ideas across different architectures / assemblers. I am pretty busy working a job and writing assembly, with a bit of Rust, in my spare time so the execution of this vision may take a while.

Aside from Assembly, I am also working on a guestbook functionality--but to maintain the security of this website. I want to handle the sanitization properly of forms as well as implement some basic filters. Ideally, I would like to make it possible for users to submit emoji's in some fields by using the HTML hex codes, &#xXXXX;, but I also want to make sure it cannot be abused.

Formalisms #

For the few people aware of this site, I have started the process to formally separate my research site from my personal site. All of the more informal writings and about information can be found at my personal site and I will use this site for mainly, well research things. I plan on keeping the Assembly pages on here.